2017 Michigan Code of Ethics & Arbitration Manual

2018 National Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice 
The National Association of Realtors® provides a document highlighting the 2016 National Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

NAR’s Code of Ethics/Professional Standards Resources

2017 Professional Standards Summary of Key Changes
This summary highlights substantive issues and changes to:

  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual
  • Interpretations of the Code of Ethics
  • Additional Points of Interest

Outline of Procedure for Arbitration Hearing
Outline of Procedure for Ethics Hearing
Pathways to Professionalism
Avoiding Disputes
Filing a Request for Arbitration
Mediation: A Winning Alternative 

Before You File an Ethics Complaint
Tips as provided by the National Association of Realtors®

Filing an Ethics Complaint
Guidelines and procedures as provided by the National Association of Realtors®

Ethics Enforcement Tutorials


One-on-one support from Michigan Realtors® Pat Kukla. Local associations, Realtors® and members of the public have access to Kukla, our professional standards expert who is available to answer all questions. Kukla has extensive experience in dealing with professional standards issues and is one of the most valuable and well respected experts in this field. E-mail prostandards@mirealtors.com or call 800.454.7842.